It will take a while depending on the competitiveness of your target keywords and the ability of your website to be at par or above competition. SEO is very much a long-term proposition. Significant results usually begin to appear anywhere from weeks to a few months after SEO work has been done, depending on how well-established the site is.

Most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Which is best suitable plan for me?

Depending on your keywords competition and number of keywords you may chose any of our SEO plans.

I am new in SEO which plan should I opt for?

You may start with our Toddler plan. Depending on your need you may switch to any of other plans as well.

How could i transfer the payment?

We do accept PayPal, Credit cards and direct wire transfer.

What if my keyword does not comes in top 10?

Our experts will tell you appx time before starting the project, but yet all major search engines keeps updating their algorithms and therefore sometimes, it may take a few more time.

Is my website safe if i provide u with its access?

Yes, our expert team is well aware of all technical aspects, and on page is major thing which is needed in SEO and therefore it will be needed and rest security is assured for your website.

My website is in word press, do i need to make any changes?

All the necessary things like installation of plugins etc. will be done by our team, although if we needed any major changes then we will inform you about the required changes.

Are you going to do any changes in design of home page etc?

No, we do some small changes like insertion of Meta tags, alt tags etc. which are not reflected at front end for users.

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